Frescares Replacement Air Purifier Filter for Dyson Tower Purifier Pure Cool Link TP01, TP02, TP03, BP01

by Flammi Lifestyle

  • Compatible Models:This replacement filters is compatible with Dyson TP00, TP01, TP02, TP03, AM11, BP01.(Please confirm the size of your filter before purchasing to ensure that it is the right filter for your air purifier)
  • Formaldehyde removal technology: Imported cold catalyst, alumina and activated carbon combination, the first two absorption, the latter decomposition, breaking the traditional only rely on activated carbon adsorption, activated carbon once saturated will volatilize the acidic smell of the drawbacks.
  • Silver ion coating: Nano-silver coating is added to the exterior of the highly efficient material, which can slowly release silver ions without photocatalysis and resist harmful substances by physical means for a long time.
  • Nano coconut shell activated carbon:The product uses activated carbon with a pore diameter of less than 2nm. The specific surface area of the micropores in the activated carbon accounts for more than 95% of the specific surface area of itself, which is currently the activated carbon with the largest adsorption capacity.
  • Replace Part Number and Size:Manufactured by Housmile to replace Part # 968126-03; Product dimension: 18.8cm x 18.5cm/7.4inch x 7.3inch.